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This is an article about Artistia the Hedgehog, a character created by ARTISTIAChan on 11/19-21/2017. She is still a work in progress and is being worked on averagely by the creator, even still today. The current owner of Artistia the Hedgehog is ArtistiaCons.

 "Pft, everyone is a fool to think they can get an
easy life, but life is actually hard on us all.
Though for me, I already figured it out as soon as
I was born"

-Artistia the Hedgehog,
from an old fanfiction from 2017

Artistia the Hedgehog(アーティスト・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Artisto za Hejjihoggu, born 19-21 November[1]) is a pink and red anthropomorphic hedgehog, created by ArtistiaCons (AKA Brianna Nevaeh Gonzales). She is a fan character/original character and a neutral good protagonist character as well.

Artistia is mostly known as a hero however, saving those in need or doing what she feels is right to all. Her previous intentions were to do things that were best for herself, but that changed over time as she gained friends, changing her locked-up behavior. Any other occupations she has is being an artist and small writer.

She was originally made as a Sonic OC but turned into an original project for multiple Sonic alternate universes, including ones made by the creator[2].

Overall Character Summary

Artistia is the usual average optimist, varying from different hobbies and talents. However, Artistia can also change moods rather quickly as the eye can see, though she always is deemed to be happy and usually is the one who makes jokes and does what she believes is best for everyone.

Design Appearance

Late 2019-2020 Updated Appearance:

Looks: She appears as a average shaded pink hedgehog who has red dyed quills in the front and has tan skin, but seemingly lighter than Shadow's. She has four quills on the back, two in the center on top and bottom, whilst the others are on the sides, making a diamond shape. She also has two side quills on the sides of her muzzle(one on each side), which dye similarly to her front ones.


Back view of current quills

Attire: She wears a dark and long red vest, light black casino shorts, a white bowtie, along with butyl long white gloves and boots similar to Amy's but with black buckles to strap around them, and as well as more heightened heels.


Artistia was first originally a very anxious, shy, and timid teenager who had become one to isolate herself from others. Though once she had discovered her abilities and sudden confidence, she had become a much more better person, especially after her rescue from Dr. Eggman, the only person she knew since her birth. As stated, she is normally always happy, being a different counterpart to the creator of her(which she is very serious, thoughtful, and rather timid). Other than that, she is fun to hang around, and as well make jokes about the common life. Other than being happy all the time, it can be quick to make her serious, which deems the quality of her changing mood rather quickly.

Powers, Abilities, & Weaponry


As some users are known to have telekinetic abilities in the Sonic universe, she is granted naturally to have telekinesis. It is uncertain how far and how many abilities she may have inside of that, but psychokinesis is one of her main attributes and strengths to have. Though she did not inherit these abilities, but was rather born with them.

For a simple summary of how strong or powerful her abilities and powers are, it is basically a balanced mix of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's powers. However as mentioned that they are balanced, most of her powers are solely based off of Silver's.

  • Sonic Universe Abilities:
    • Her power is similar to Silver the Hedgehog's, however, her telekinesis is limited due to less usage of her power. She is not as experienced as he is, but is lucky enough to gain fast knowledge to improve it.
  • General Multiverse Abilities:
    • However she had inherited these abilities from her original place of birth and existence. She gained these when she turned 16 years old in the form of a human, where she originally came from in the multiverse. This does not apply to only Sonic Universe-wise, but rather the entirely of her just generally existing.

Time/Multiverse Travel:

  • With the ability to travel through the multiverse, she can manipulate how the worlds and the universes work. Though there are some disadvantages she has that can't make her travel as she would like to.

Sword of Oblivion:

  • Her main weapon of usage, which she uses to destroy and/or injure potential enemies.
  • She can summon the sword at her will with enough power, but it drains her own energy to do so. She will only do this whenever she feels it's important to do so.
  • Hence the average appearance, it is a sword, which can conduct or store chaos energy, whether be negative or positive. It can be used to unleash common attacks such as Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, and any similar move-set to Sonic and/or Shadow. However, this will only work when Artistia had the sword in her reach of power.


  • Telekinesis is limited due to knowledge and practiced training
  • She can be easily caught off guard
  • Once someone takes her sword, she is left mostly vulnerable
  • If she resides in another universe for too long, she starts becoming permanent to it

Main History(WIP)

Author's Note: Since Artistia is a multiverse jumper, this is from her memory from the instant she entered the Sonic Universe. Though, it already creates this set space for her to exist in their world without causing issues, which works in her favor and for the multiverse itself. However most of it is an illusion to others who meet or come across her.

Artistia, who formerly went by Afire and Afflict, was born in the depths of the Mystic Jungle Zone, which whom she lived with her parents in a village, which not many were seen to be living there. She grew up to the age of about 5 years old, growing up alongside the ancient ruins of history and her people's kind. However, there was a decently-sized village she grew up in and she was raised by her parents, which were still unnamed to this day.

She was the daughter of the chief of her people, and as well as the heir to lead her village. Her village people were united with ancient Echidna civilization as well for the association for both of their protection of living.

Shortly after her birthday for the annual celebration, an attack was made throughout her home, and it was due to a fire.

Not finding her parents, she was "rescued" by a certain Doctor. That's when she would never see her people again, seemingly to leave her village in much of ruin and ash.


Years later, she was raised by the notorious Dr. Eggman, having no will or leave the base he had her grow up in. She currently was 12 at this time.

He taught her the ways of going against those who oppose you, including those who you love. Despite this type of wording, it was come back as karma in the future of him.

When he taught Afire the skill he had, she easily learned from his teachings. Thus, the day he felt as if she became the best, that's when he named her Afflict, finally making her name official. However under his watch, she would never reach his level of intelligence nor skill of constructing robots or anything else.


Few more years later, she would be by the age of 14. That's when she finally got to meet the infamous hedgehog of black and red; Shadow the Hedgehog. He would discover her being contained by the Doctor, quite giving him a scold for it.

However, Shadow did not seem to rescue her from his grasp, but rather instead finish his business of retrieving an emerald from the said Doctor. Despite it all though, he never got it, since it was in the hands of a certain female, not wanting to take her source of attachment away.

During the time of Shadow's visit, Afflict was beginning her transformation to what she appears now through an accidental experiment machine created by Dr. Eggman. However, for what it was created for, he stated his project was complete. What Shadow nor Afflict knew was that he was using her hedgehog DNA to use it to his advantage to capture the famous Blue Blur.


As soon as she reached the age of 18, that's when she decided to go explore the world on her own, quite intrigued to move out as well. However Dr. Eggman prevented that, forcing the female to remain in containment for another few months. As that time went by, she would be rescued once more by the heroes of Möbius.

Shadow was scolded at by the others due to this, as they never knew he was aware of her existence for being captive by the Doctor. They also found her important, as she was taught the things as by Dr. Eggman, which they took advantage of by freeing her.

The original idea was to remove an ally from him to stop his robot production to thus make it slower. Though over time, they realized how much of a kind person she was after getting to know her.


A few weeks later, she would find out about a former bandit making havoc in a public park. She checked it out, as now being known as 'Artistia' upon hearing it from her transmitter. She would find a maya blue wolf.

Then on, strange enough, the two became friends, now having him be an ally of the heroes. He referred to himself as Thomas.



Unnamed Parents:

  • The only time she could have seen or remembered her parents were when she was at a very young age at the time, though only remembering fires after Dr. Eggman had "rescued or saved" her.

Thomas the Wolf:

  • Closest Best Friend: Despite not having known each other for a long time, the two got along very well. Thomas and Artistia first met when she was on a mission with Team Sonic to gather information from Dr. Eggman, however she got stopped by Thomas in the process. He ended up stealing one of her inhibitor rings before she caught him and he could not run. Though he told much more about himself over time as he had slowly became fond of her. He treated her as he should after the events of her rescue, shortly becoming an ally to Team Sonic. He originally was a bandit and thief who stole for greed, but in truth, he did it for his reasons to live. He was turned, and became close friends with Artistia.

Jancie the Bat:

  • Best Friend: The two Met in a café that was owned by Jancie(the Ancient Café), when she was around the beginning of her teen years. Artistia happened to become one of her favorite customers over time and they became friends after learning more about each other. Jancie, who is basically a empirical millionaire, runs stores across the world and all over Mobius. She is also a former necromancer who was unsure of her life, though it changed when she met Artistia.

Sarah the Catfox:

  • Closest Best Friend: Have known each other since childhood of when Artistia was living with Dr. Eggman, thus already having known each other. Sarah stumbled across Dr. Eggman's base in need to find an antidot for her mother when she was younger, as her mother had been poisoned. She figured that Dr. Eggman would have some sort of medicine(and which, he did, once Artistia had given it to her out of generosity and kindness). She also helped her escape from Dr. Eggman, though reunited with her a year after.

Dr. Eggman(Dr. Robotnik):

  • Former Adoptive Guardian/Parent: He had "rescued" her from her original birthplace, though grew fond of her as he raised her to work like him. Presumably safe, he is what Artistia has ever known for most of her childhood and life. Though it changed whenever she was rescued by the main Sonic gang, shortly learning afterwards that Dr. Eggman isn't what he seemed for what she had known.

Dusk the Jester Lynx:

  • Former Friend/Frenemies: Despite not knowing each other for a long time, these two are on neutral terms. Occasionally, he is a villain or just happens to be an ally during dire times when Artistia needs him or is willing to take his offer of help. The first two met in an alternate universe(which the two were first surprised that each other could universe jump), which is known as The Murder of Me. They typically met somewhere before that however and had become acquaintances as Artistia got turned in that very universe, but reverted back to normal once the possessor lost control of her. Dusk is a current necromancer and semi-ruler of the Underworlds of the multiverse.

Revenge the Batfox(Ravenous Flame):

  • Former Friend/Lover/Former Captor: These two had a very difficult relationship and a very complicated one as well. However it changed as soon as she realized that she should stand up for herself and become tougher than him. The first two met in another alternate universe by the name of The Holy Dimension, which they had been close friends and even were close enough to become lovers. Though because of ravage and evil power he gained, he turned against everyone, including her, becoming a ruler of Hell and a massive king. His love for her still burns however, though he only thinks of having her in his own selfish ways. She now tries to stay away from him, no matter what she needs to do.

Breezie the Hedgehog:

  • Former Acquaintances/Former "Family Member"/Former Co-Worker: Due to being partially involved with Dr. Eggman in the past, she has met Breezie quite a few times and had even grown to her over time. Artistia formally worked with Breezie when she had ran multiple entertainment centers, mostly being casinos, which was one of the places she used to work at while still with Dr. Eggman. She also liked the idea of dressing formally and classy, which is a style she inherited from Breezie(hence her current outfit style). However, as much as she liked her, there were her dislikes to her as well. An example is how she still "works" with Dr. Eggman when she feels to do so out of her own ways. Though she looked up to Breezie in numerous ways, she disliked the way she acted as she matured, but they aren't enemies either. If they happen to encounter each other in the future, they do not fight but rather have a normal aggressive conversation.

Other Unnamed Friends:

  • General Friends: Get along decently well, can typically agree on common sense and other topics, etc.


Quotes for artistia.png

Trivia, Facts & Details!

  • Transformations[3]:
    • Super
    • Hyper
    • Dark Super
    • Fusion
    • Galaxy Supernova(AKA )[4]
  • During Artistia's development as an OC, she first started as an edgy character, and actually started as an .EXE fan character(of course).
  • Artistia in her main AU has a somewhat family-like relationship with Shadow and Amy, though her initial crush was intended to be Shadow himself.
    • In all actuality, typical Sonic OCs are made to have a canon cast love interest, but strangely enough, she did not have one until the thought in mind occured to the creator (who eventually gave her one in late 2017), but quite permanently, as she did not have such interests for Artistia to have one
  • Other than edgy OCs, Artistia actually first started as a Shadamy fanchild prototype. However, this got scraped and was put aside to make her what she is now.
    • Even so after having the scraped idea of the Shadamy fanchild AU, it was then later created a whooping 3 years later(I'm bad XD). It is currently called the Unknown Child AU(UC).
  • She also had been put as a long lost sibling of Sonic himself. However, this got scraped as well, with the exception of use by under another OC creator by the username of Jio the Fox(who created the OC-Slay the Hedgehog-as well.)
    • In that very Sibling AU, Slay the Hedgehog is a love interest for her and as well works with him.
  • Most of her permanent design was eventually made in 2018, based on the image in the gallery .
    • Her design was heavily based on other Sonic canon characters, including examples such as Silver, Shadow, Amy, and more.
    • Though as the creator currently states that she no longer has the black parts in her quills, it is rather an optional thing for users to do. But by canon design due to genetic sensibility, she choses and prefers her quills to be red and pink(2020-now). It can only be explained on why there's another color is because of Artistia dying her quills.
    • A unique fact about Artistia's design involves how her quills appear on the side. They look very alike to Sonic's, but however work very differently from the back view, front view, and even from below and above. It's a rare case that her quills look different on the sides.
  • Her up-to-date design is where her quills droop down behind her head. They no longer appear as pointy and somewhat a style similar to Sonic OVA(you will notice by the bright red lines on the image used in the info-box).
  • She used to have the power of Arcane magic before even having T&T in her prototype methods. However, that was changed and/or scraped due to it seemingly to be an overpowered conflict.
  • When she was still in her prototype phase, she actually first started as an idea of a cyan cat in 2017. In comparison to the design to the current one now, many would say she has had much development.
  • In this AU, Artistia originally initially was intended to have a twin sister(or just sister)of the sorts, but struggling with her design as is, it was scraped.
    • However, this was later created in the creator's HOME AU, where her sister counterpart was created, also a complete different appearance of Artistia had shown. She goes by a different name as well, but it is deemed to be a separate area of an alternate universe
  • Artistia is an averagely known OC among certain communities. Though, she appears as some few cameos. Try to find her in some.
  • Artistia is used in multiple AUs, about over 4+.
  • She is a OC/FC within the webcomic; The Holy Dimension, which was created by Brianna N. Gonzales.
  • Most artworks of her made by the creator, are done in MSPaint and/or Kleki, Krita, or any cheap art program.
  • Most artworks of her currently are made in Clip Studio Paint, or any other art program she choses(2020-now).
    File:SIDE QUILLS.png

    A sideview of her current quill style

Artistia's name varies in this AU:

-Afire Hedgehog(given by parents before death)

-Afflict Cons Hedgehog(given by Dr. Eggman)

-Artistia Cons Hedgehog(given herself)

-Afflict "Artistia" Hedgehog(her profile)

Other Information & Important Notes!


  • If not all information is seen, go here to see and compare to her true biography. Note that this wiki is a much more updated version of her biography however: Artistia the Hedgehog Google Doc from the creator
  • This page was created by the original creator and owner of this OC
  • The creator only uses her for their own purposes and wishes
  • The current image of the info-box is her latest design, which will be updated and redesigned by the end of 2020.
  • She, for now, currently had no set casual outfit, as her redesign is coming along. This means she can wear almost anything(noted for artists who draw her), though it is mainly involved with her vest and such.
    • Her vest is longer and more casino-like, along with her shorts
    • She no longer wears any of dresses/a dress
    • The bowtie, gloves, and boots are permeant to her design
    • This means the black parts of her quills no longer exist(by lore of the creator, the "black quills" are actually just dyed pieces)


  1. Her creation happened in late 2016, though getting her first alpha design in 2017.
  2. Fun Fact: This then turned into a project that the creator claimed Artistia is actually their SonicSona and as well her OC converted into a Sonic fan character. This would explain why Artistia is a mature character, being that the character reflects off as the creator herself.
  3. These are actually rare for her to transform into, because by canon, Artistia's power is inevitable and concealed to build up over time, which can give her advantage to using them and easily help others defeat evil. However, since she does not use this power much, she can pass out from long usage of the forms and/or how much power she may receive on a certain form. Depending on the form used, she can end up being in a potential coma that can make her lose memory and/or not wake up after a long time. Ex; Dark Super alone can result her in being in a sleeping state for at least half an hour or even more than an hour alone.
  4. A custom transformation owned and created by ArtistiaCons