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Benjiro older

Baby Benjiro~ :3


Benjiro is a very content person, and is usually seen happy. when he is angry, it doesn't last long since he hates arguing and fighting with people. he loves adventures and will tag along with his sister Platinum most of the time. Benjiro can be flirtatious at times, but he is careful not to overdue it.


Benjiro is the youngest son of Yumi and Guntus.

he has 5 siblings: Mariah, Hugo, Platinum, Terencea(oldest) Olivier and Crystal.

Love life

Benjiro's classmates used to pick on him for not having a love interest, but he didn't mind it. he was happy being single and enjoyed his life. when he met Henry, he felt sorry for him since Henry had no friends, and so Benjiro cheered him up and soon became his friend. much later, when Henry confessed that he had fell in love with him, Benjiro thought that it was cute and accepted the offer to go on a date with him. Benjiro began to fall in love with Henry over time, and he snuck into Henry's room one night and mated with him.