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Bruno who is a 8 ft 4 inch tall Bronze Bull is a very Gentle Giant who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of his friends.



Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Bull (Bovine)

Likes: his friends Painting Poetry story telling and cooking.

Dislikes Eggman Metal Sonic and losing his temper.

Favorite Food: Empanadas de Pollo

Theme: El Castillo De Santiago

Alignment: Lawful Good


"My Strength doesnt come from myself but from those i care for."

"Do not anger me Huevo i do not enjoy it when i lose my Temper." (Huevo is Spanish for Egg)


Bruno is a very gentle person with a love for painting and art and is very hesitant to fight unless he feels he absolutely must , However his big heart makes him easily swayed to help fight when asked by his friends. he is a gentle lamb who loves to cook and will tell stories of the heroes of his people the Bovines to those who will listen. You Couldn't ask for a better ally in Bruno Be it his Brawn or his Really Big Heart.


Bruno is a very large Muscular Bull with a goldish bronze color scheme in his fur with tufts of hair on his head and long 12 inch Bull horns sticking out his head his eye color is a Almond Grey but turns a crimson Red when in his Stampede mode. he Stands at 8 foot 4 and weighs 412 pounds of pure muscle and he has a pro body builder build.


Bruno Has the Power of Super Strength & Speed but once he activates his stampede mode he goes from a gentle giant to a rampaging force of nature that cannot be stopped while in his Stampede Mode he cannot be harmed by anyone or anything and any solid object in his path shatters upon impact and his usual unconscious desire to hold back vanishes causing him to use all his strength to Trample any enemy in his path.


Bruno had befriended many in his travels such as Sonic , Knuckles , Tails and their friends but he became closer friends with little cream who he treats like a baby sister that he will protect from harm.


It takes quite a lot to get Bruno to see you as an enemy but he has come to dislike Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik over the years as well as his creation Metal Sonic who he calls robot Tonto which is spanish for stupid robot.

The Loss of the Bovines & the Lost City of El Torosa

Bruno is the last of his kind what happened to the others we may never know only that he is the only known one remaining his dream is to find his lost people and keep their legacy alive the heroes of these Legendary Warrior Poets are where legends are made. The Bovines home of El Torosa was once a mighty civilization of heroism and a vast wealth of knowledge and agriculture but the city was lost along with its inhabitants.


-When the creator of Bruno made him she was only 9 so she had to fill in some gaps here and there to piece it together.

-Bruno's native home is inspired heavily by Spain and Mexico

-Bruno has a Spanish Accent (similiar to Antonio Banderas)