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Cole's New Look 2.jpg
Cole the Hedgehog
Biographical information

September 27th



Marital status

Married to Kate the The Hedgehog

Physical description





6 ft


145 lbs.

Fur colour


Eye colour



He wears a red bandana around his head and a necklace with two tags around his neck.


Jason (Brother)

Zack (Brother)

Jack (Brother)

Cody (Brother)

Jay (Dad)

Jill (Mom)

Jake (Son) (future)

Matt (Nephew) (Future)

Love interests

Kate the The Hedgehog (Wife)

Skillwise information
Weapon of choice

Super Punch

Homing Rocket



Cole is a grey anthropomorphic Hedgehog. He wears two gold dog tags around his neck. He wears a black shirt, black pants, black shoes, and black gloves.  He has grey eyes and peach color inside his ears and around his mouth. 


He is a 18 year old hedgehog. He is bisexual and is not afraid to express it. He will stand up for what he believes in and help others. He is usually helping his brothers get out of trouble. Cole also has a sensitive side. He is not afraid to cry in front of others and express how he feels. He has cried in front of his brothers, Jason and Zack. He doesn't like fighting, and will look for another way to solve the problem.

Love Life

His first girl he met was at the beach. They began talking, and Cole's love for her grew even more. While dating her, Jason constantly punched and hurt him, because he loved her too. One day, Jason followed Cole and his girlfriend into a forest. When Cole was alone he punched him so hard that Cole began to bleed.  When his girlfriend returned, she helped Cole recover his health.  Eventually, she saw how much Jason loved her and she broke up with Cole to be with Jason.  Cole was so heartbroken that he decided he could not be around his ex-girlfriend as long as she was dating Jason. He got a train ticket and moved to another city. On the train ride, he kept thinking about his Ex and Jason being together, cuddling and kissing.  When he got to the next city, he got off the train. He went to a nearby diner. A sad and depressed Cole lay his head on the table sadly as he waited for his food. That is when Kate, saw him and sat down with him. At first Cole didn't want to talk, but eventually he told her what happened.  Eventually they got to know each other better and had lunch together. Eventually their friendship grew into love. Cole dated her and felt really happy being with her. Although he still had feelings for his Ex, he was glad he had someone to love.  Eventually they mated and he got his girlfriend pregnant. Cole was happy he was going to have a family and asked Kate for her hand in marriage. She said yes, and eventually they got married at the church. Two months later, Kate's water broke and she was rushed to the hospital. A few hours later, their son, Jake was born. He held his son and smiled at him. His family was now complete. 


Cole and his wife

Cole hugging his pregnant wife

Cole finds out Kate is pregnant


  • Some early names for Cole were Jason, Zack, Jack, and Andrew
  • Although he is bisexual, he has never had a boyfriend