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Dijorno was in a terrible accident as a child, and was found by a young man named Prof. Deric who made him a cyborg. Dijorno is mostly respectful of people, and gets embarrased when he malfunctions. he has the intelligence of a Windows XP computer, he can be used for many things: an mp3 player and a answering machine being a few.


Dijorno is the only child of Tsuka(deceased) and Heriku(deceased).


Dijorno's friends are Prof. Deric, Vincent, Onmo, Reese, Platinum Crystal, Butterfinger, and Reggie.

Misc. Facts

  • Dijorno worked as a pizza delivery boy at the age 15. he quit 2 weeks later from the poor quality of the buisness and how poorly he was treated.
  • Dijorno's mother, Heriku, was killed by humans when Dijorno was 7, his father, Tsuka, suffered from an illness as he got older, and died a year ago.
  • Dijorno knows how to speak Japanese, Spanish, Russian and French.
  • Dijorno's eyes were originally both purple before one was replaced by robotic eye.