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Eugene is a soldiar in King Thade's army, and has the battle scars to prove it! he is serious most of the time and keeps himself busy. he is very close to his sister Gretchen and protects her with his life.

when he's not at his job or battling in the war, he spends his time with Gretchen.


Eugene has 3 other siblings: Cherry, Gretchen(oldest) and Stanley(youngest).

Love life

Eugene tells himself he has no need for a mate and is too busy to settle down and start a family, but after meeting Angel, he became very interested in her. the two met at the beach at a party, and Angel was paid to sing at the party. after singing, she started talking with Eugene and wanted to be his friend. this surprised Eugene, since nobody really talks to him. a few months later, Eugene started to have a crush on Angel. she already liked him from the start, so when he asked her out, Angel gladly said yes.