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Flicker Aledenne
Biographical information

Prince Flicker

Physical description



5 ft. 5 in.


150 lbs.

Fur colour



Thade (Father)

Miranda (Mother)

Jeshol (Son)

Love interests

Nightmare (Ex-Husband) (Divorced)

Skillwise information




Flicker is a Prince of Mobius who lives in a castle on the East side of the planet. He loves nature and will feel hurt if someone abuses it. He is mostly timid, and very sensitive. As a baby, Thade, his father, was afraid that Omega would kill him, since the Shadows were attacking at the time. Thade sent one of his Guards to take Flicker to the forest where he could be safe. Flicker was raised by the forest spirits for 10 years.


Flicker's parents are King Thade and Queen Miranda, and he has a son named Jeshol. His Ex-husband is Prince Nightmare.

he also has a baby brother named Candle.

Love Life

Flicker met Nightmare while they were in high school. When they first met, Nightmare had no idea that Flicker was a Prince. While they were dating, Nightmare would protect Flicker from bullies. One day after school, Nightmare brought Flicker to his house to have sex. Little did they know, Nightmare got Flicker pregnant. Nine months later, Flicker gave birth to a boy. They decided to name their son Jeshol the Hedgefox. When Flicker's father, King Thade found Flicker, Nightmare figured out that Flicker was a prince. Flicker invited Nightmare to live in the castle with his him and his dad. Nightmare moved in with Flicker at the castle. A couple of years latter, they had their wedding reception at the castle and officially got married. Everything was fine in their marriage until a few years later when Nightmare came back late one night. A few months later he saw that his husband was vomiting almost everyday. Nightmare told Flicker he just had the flu. A few months later, he noticed his husband's belly getting bigger and he found out he was pregnant. They argued for a while and Flicker left the castle upset that his husband cheated on him. A couple of years later, Flicker was approached by a Mobian. He told Flicker that he was Nightmare's son. He begged Flicker to come back to the castle because he wanted to have two parents taking care of him instead of only one. Flicker agreed to come back and Nightmare was happy to have Flicker back. However, when Nightmare came back late one night, Flicker caught his husband cheating on him again. Flicker had enough of Nightmare cheating on him and he threw his wedding ring on the ground and left the castle again. Eventually Flicker found another mate who loved him and didn't cheat on him.


  • Flicker's name possibly came from his Fire powers he used as a baby.
  • Flicker's necklace has a picture of his parents inside.
  • Flicker is actually part cat and fox.