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Note: This character is important to the Mischievous Mire storyline.
and as such, will be a W.I.P. until further notice.
Biographical information


Physical description






Fur colour


Distinguishable Features

Long silver horns, short underdeveloped wings with a few small tears in them

Skin colour



Damion(sister), Valer(younger sister)

Skillwise information


Graamros is very rude and cares very little of others' opinion on him; He makes his own path in life and does not let anyone or anything stand in his way. He is a daredevil by nature and will try any dangerous stunt once.


Graamros was born in the deepest pits of Gröttaħażia, where it is extremely hot. His egg hatched once it reached 1600 °C, his mother left him to fend for himself while his oldest sister cared for him. Once Graamros was a toddler, he would play in the lava with Damion, albeit very rough. He would bite and scratch her with no remorse, causing her to fight back. Around the time Graamros was a big kid, he had gotten a baby sister, who was named Valer. One night in the families crater, a bomb had been set off, killing their mother in the process. Damion took Graamros and Valer and ran for her life out of Gröttaħażia and made it out of the cave with many scratches and bruises covering her body. She fought off the golems and made sure her baby brother didn't get hurt, and the trio escaped to Negalia and lived there all alone. Taking care of Graamros was a chore for Damion, as she was only 12 and had another baby to take care of. Graamros would scream and hit everything, and could not be calmed down. She would have to wait until he tired himself out from the tantrums to get some peace and quiet. The loud yelling would in turn upset Valer, causing the tiny dragon to be frightened of her brother. Damion would not be able to relax until the two were in their teen and preteen years, as they would leave Damion by herself and wander around Negalia on their own. Graamros ended up being knocked out and taken to a secret cult and was used as their slave. They put a collar on his neck and would drag him around, barking orders at him; And if he refused, they would kick him and torture him. One time he got fed up and stated he would no longer listen to them, and the leader stabbed holes in his wings. He managed to escape one night when the group got distracted by an escapee from their prison. As a young adult, Graamros' wings had healed enough to take flight again, so he would glide across Negalia in search of anything interesting.

To be continued...

Positive Traits

  • Graamros is very tough, and is pretty energized rarely getting tired from battle.
  • He is extremely observant, never missing any detail.
  • Graamros is completely suspicious of others, and cannot be fooled easily.

Negative Traits

  • He is mean and selfish, preferring not to get involved with others' problems.
  • Graamros never takes no for an answer; If he wants something or someone, he will not stop until he obtains it/them.
  • Graamros is hot-headed, and picks fights often, even with someone much stronger than he is.


  • MystiScope. Graamros can track anyone with a visible aura by their scent.


Flame. Graamros can breathe intense fumes of fire from his mouth.

Barrier Ring. An obnoxious sheild attack that lasts for 6 hours, protecting him from magical attacks.


  • Light. Light based powers will be greatly effective against Graamros.
  • Mystic. Powers such as "Wonder Whip" will be fairly effective against him.


  • Poison. Gröttas are immune to poison by default.


  • Graamros was originally a demon in his first draft.