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Jason the Hedgehog
Biographical information

Febuary 25



Marital status

Married to Autumn the Hedgehog

Physical description





6 Ft. 3 In.


147 lbs

Fur colour


Eye colour



Cole (Brother)

Zack (Brother)

Jack (Brother)

Cody (Brother)

Ross (Son)

Sissy (Daughter)

Mason (Son)

Jake (Nephew)

Jay (Dad)

Jill (Mom)

Love interests

Autumn the Hedgehog (Wife)

Skillwise information
Weapon of choice

Dark Shooter

Fire Blaster


Jason is a Sonic OC created by Dragonite115. He is is the second OC created, and he has four brothers: Cole , Zack, Jack, and Cody


Jason is a black anthromorphic hedgehog. He wears headphones and a collar, just like his brothers. He wears a grey shirt and grey pants. His gloves are grey, with red in the middle. He has red eyes, and peach color inside his ears and around his mouth. 


He is the meanest out of his brothers.  He likes to be alone in his room, and usually has his bedroom door shut when he is inside. If someone approaches him, he will walk away. He is usually the one who causes the trouble. Jason will fight back when he gets into an argument. with someone. Sometime he doesn't know when to back off when he has won or is overpowered. 

Love Life

When his brother got his first girlfriend, he fell in love with her. He wanter her all to himself, so he attacked Cole. When Cole was being nursed back to full health, his girfriend broke up with him to be with Jason. Jason was happy to be with with her, and he made sure she was was happy. For the first time, he felt bad for Cole, but nothing he did made  him feel better. He took his girlfriend on a lot of dates and got her many gifts. Eventually Jason and his girlfriend moved in with Cole, and his new girlfriend, Kate. After accidentally figuring out his brother mated, he decided to mate with his girlfriend. After he learned thast his brother was getting married, he got jealous and asked his girlfriend to marry her. She accepted and they got married. Months, later his two kids were born.  He had a son, named Ross, and a girl, named Sissy. Jason helped with around the house and with the kids. He made sure the kids were safe and they were healthy. Eventually his wife divorced him, and Jason was heart broken. He moved back to his parents house with his brothers, Zack and Jack . One day, while walking around he met a girl named May. She fell in love with Jason and decided to go out with him. He was unsure at first, be he liked the idea of have a girlfriend. Jason got to know May better, and May got to know Jason better. They went on dates and moved in together.  Eventually, they got married and had a son named Mason. Jason was happy to be to have someone to love, and to have a family again. However, that relationship eventually ended as May divorced Jason. Jason was upset when May left him. To try to forget about the divorce, he went for a walk. While on his walk he met Autumn. She thought Jason was really cute and decided to ask him out. Jason was happy to see another girl interested in him. He agreed to date Autumn and they started dating.


  • He was the second OC created by Dragonite115
  • He is the second OC to have more than one girlfriend