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Biographical information
Full Name

Joseph Vitale


Catania, Italy. September 17, 1997

Current Residence




Physical description






Fur colour


Hair colour

Brown, dyed light green

Eye colour

Lime green

Distinguishable Features

Puffy cheeks, large buck teeth, red upturned nose

Skin colour



Blue and pink button-up shirt with light gray shorts, black slip-on shoes, pink handbag with large green pepper on front


Lorenzo(father), Aurelia(mother)


Razzy, Platinum

Love interests

Razzy(boyfriend), Platinum(ex-girlfriend)

Skillwise information

"Call me Joey, baby~" -Joseph flirting with Razzy.

Joseph ジョセフ (josef) is an anthro beaver created by RogueEmpire64, as a personal desire for herself to have more anthro characters and to practice drawing other types of characters besides Sonic characters.


Joseph is an anthropomorphic beaver with light green-dyed hair and lime green eyes, he wears a blue and pink button-up shirt with light gray shorts and yellow slip-on sandals.


Joseph is a very animated guy who has a flair for the dramatic, which might be inspired by his intense love for Broadway musicals. He tended to talk loudly when he was younger and annoyed the people around him because of the tension between him and his father, however, this trait died down after he left his home, but his overly sassy nature remained. Joseph can be quite childish, playfully pestering people when he wants to be the center of attention (which is very common). When in a serious life or death situation, Joseph will prefer to take the risk and fight and hates when he is not allowed.


It was a chilly night in Catania on the night Joseph was born. The child was named by his mother, Aurelia, after an American friend she had known since childhood. His father, Lorenzo, wanted to give him an Italian name but accepted Aurelia's choice because he wanted to please his wife. As a toddler, he would bob along to the music played on his mother's gramophone. She secretly wished he would become a famous singer like she was when she was young. Joseph had a difficult childhood because his father Lorenzo is a mafia boss. The children avoided speaking to Joseph and pretended he wasn't even there. Despite this, Joseph did not let it bother him; He instead focused on singing; His singing helped him relax in some situations; Yet, his life as a young boy was very stressful, and singing could only do so much. At school, he met his three friends and a girl who would end up being a real pain in his neck, Tifani. While they were kids, Tifani and Joseph got along fine, but as soon as their teenage years rolled around, Tifani began to develop a huge crush on Joseph, which was far from mutual. As Joseph mentioned how excited he was about joining a musical, his father got into an argument with him about his singing one night after dinner. Lorenzo disapproved of Joseph's lack of interest in mafia business and thought the singing to be pointless. Joseph was angry with people for seeing him as the mafia kid, and once he was an adult, he decided to leave his home and do everything he could to distance himself from his father. When he went to college, he got a janitor job at a local pizza parlor and was able to save enough money to leave his parents' house. In another heated argument, before he left, Joseph told his father he had grown up and that he had no right to make decisions for him anymore. He was kidnapped by an underling of another mobster boss as he was walking out the door, and a ransom was placed on his head. It was a good thing Joseph remembered to take his inhaler as he was with the thugs for several hours. As they were very immature, they would tease him by taking his inhaler out and keeping it from him for a bit when he needed it. The men also beat him up and laughed at his voice, which could not be helped. After way too much time with the obnoxious mobster minions, Joseph had come up with a plan to trick the duo and escape from their sight. They did catch up with him and beat him up again, leaving Joseph too weak to try to escape again. Lorenzo was furious about it and decided to instead of coughing up the cash, order his hitman to fill the mafia leader with lead. Word got out of the murder and the underlings were too scared to keep Joseph hostage any longer and let him go. He returned to his home, and his mother was horrified to see her son covered in bruises and with two black eyes. She embraced him and was relieved he had no broken bones. The next morning he officially moved out and never returned to his old home. He moved into a creaky apartment where he lived for several years. Joseph had gotten much better at singing and decided he was ready to perform on stage. His first few auditions fell flat, as they were not impressed with his singing voice, telling him he needed to try harder. Joseph scoffed at this, thinking he was good enough to be in a musical. Nevertheless, he continued to practice singing and tried auditioning again. After several more tries, he got a part as a background singer. All was well until an old nightmare reared her ugly head. Tifani had a part in the musical and was just as smitten for him as she was as a teen. Joseph was uncomfortable with her constant flirting and telling everyone they were a couple, so he found it difficult to concentrate on his singing. There was not much he could do about it. Her father was a very wealthy businessman and had bodyguards watching his daughter. Therefore, Joseph had to put up with this disruptive behavior. Despite this, he did quite well in the musical and a lot of other participants complimented his singing voice, making Joseph feel very happy. However, because of his nasally voice, others would get irritated when he would speak, telling him to be quiet; Joseph was not a quiet person and was annoyed that they did not want to listen to him just because his voice was weird. During this time, he had dyed his hair and wore bright pastel clothes. He was trying his best to look different and make people only see him as the sassy singer and not the mafia kid he was always known as.


Pineapples, swimming, singing, Broadway musicals, the beach, bright colors.


His asthma slowing him down, ghosts and the paranormal, horror films, Tifani invading his personal space, feeling helpless, spicy food, rap music, winter.

Positive Traits

  • He has a pleasant singing voice.
  • Joseph would do anything for his loved ones, no matter the risk.
  • He is optimistic about most situations.
  • Albeit being a flirty type, Joseph will not continue to flirt with someone if they are deeply uncomfortable.

Negative Traits

  • He is unapologetically outspoken.
  • Joseph's habit of bursting into song can be seen as inappropriate at times.
  • His risky behavior has gotten him in hot water, causing many others to get involved in his mess.
  • Joseph can be invasive with certain things, as he does not like people keeping secrets from him.
  • People tend to find Joseph's talking voice grating and really annoying to listen to.


  • As someone who doesn't easily feel scared, Joey has a fear of ghosts.
  • Joseph's singing voice is here.
  • Joseph's speaking voice is here.