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Joshua is the fursona of Dragonite115.


Joshua is a red Hedgehog with brown eyes and brown hair, he has beige in his ears, the inside of his wings, the upper part of his legs, his arms, muzzle and his chest. he has blue fur on his feet, a blue marking on the back of his left ear, his tail is also blue. he has a blue heart on his right buttcheek, and a blue heart on his member. His apparel is a blue T-shirt with a smiley face, gray jeans, a necklace with a star and red/blue rocket shoes.


Joshua is sweet, kind, and he is also an exellent fighter. he was trained by his father to become strong so he could help protect their city. Joshua was named after a warrior of legend that battled the Shadows, and defeated most of their strongest men. Joshua's parents were in high hopes that their son could continue that legend, and defeat the Shadows once and for all. Joshua will sometimes misuse his powers, and will pick on people at his own amusment. but mostly, Joshua is a laid-back kind of guy.


Aqua beam: His signature move. gushes of water shoot from his hands. Psychic Wave: He uses water and Psychic type moves to create a barrier that prevents his opponent to use Psychic abilities against him. (Mind control, hypnotizing, etc.)

Healing rain: He turns fire into water.

Love life

He is a homosexual and currently not dating anyone.


  • Even though Joshua is part dragon, he does not have any fire powers.
  • Joshua means "god saves".
  • [This is Joshua's voice.]