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Latius is the adopted son of Abyss and Thistla.


Latius is a playful, cheerful dark who loves food a little too much. as a young child, he would get in a lot of trouble because of his eating habits, and how he would get food all over himself. his mother, Thistla, scolded him for this, and tried to teach him to be more proper since he was the prince.


Nature's blessing. An earth-based power learned from his mother, this can purify any poisoned plant or person.

Nature's fury. A strong swarm of vines cover the opponent, strangling them.


Latius is the son of Nulia and Holin.

he is the adopted son of Abyss and Thistla.


Fire. Latius is weak to fire-based attacks being part earth type.

Solar. As a dark, solar-exclusive attacks can really hurt him.