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Biographical information
Full Name

Lina Florvin Tatiyay


West Endolaet, June 2, 1997

Current Residence

West Endolaet




The toe bandit

Physical description






Fur colour

Dark blue

Hair colour

Platinum blond with light blue dye on bangs

Eye colour

Emerald green

Distinguishable Features

Diamond-shaped irises, long pointed blue and green striped tounge

Skin colour



Piercings all over ears(small green hoops, two dark purple hoops, four spikes, lots of lime green studs, two earrings depicting the "Love and protect each other" symbol), cold gray crop top, ash brown skirt, green striped arm warmers, lime green silk cloth wrapped around waist, cold gray boots with green gems on top and bottom rims, yellow nails



Love interests

Razzy(former crush), Xottlix(boyfriend)

Skillwise information

Imp Lina, Wisp Lina, Shadow Lina





Lina is an excitable girl who wants to be accepted by everyone,

and loves attention. She is very clumsy and doesn't think before she speaks(usually leading her getting beat to a pulp).

Harsh Treatment

Lina's parents are unfortunately purists, and when they found out she was friends with a known "Half-breed", they abused her, thinking it would teach her a lesson for befriending such filth(in thier eyes). They made someone force her head in a jelly trap, making it very difficult to breathe, they gave her Solar drugs, making her dizzy and almost passing out, and her mother ripped her "Love" symbol earrings out of her ears, telling her she had no right to wear that symbol. Razzy despised her parents not only for their purist mindset, but how they mistreated their own daughter because she was more accepting than they are.

Strange feelings

Lina began to fall deep in love with Razzy, because he was honest and kind, she saw how he cared for nature and the creatures in the forest, and she loved how he went out of his way to make sure everyone was safe. She never loved anyone like this before, and was not sure what this feeling inside of her really meant, but she only felt this way towards Razzy.


Lina got herself in hot water at the time where Razzy was being forced out of Endolæt and being treated as an outsider. Lina knew Razzy wasn't a bad person, and he had only acted out because he was in horrible pain. She felt she owed Razzy since he had saved her life several times when her parents abused her(they saw her as a traitor for being friends with a "Half-breed"). After calling her mother out on her harmful mindset, she got slapped in the face and screamed at, being told she was no longer allowed to live in Endolæt and should be given the same treatment as Razzy. they forced her into a portal to Mobius, destroying the power gem that kept the portal active, keeping Razzy and Lina from returning.


Bellowing Crash. Lina can cause a reverberating blast using her voice.

Calamity Melody. A haunting tune that messes with the victim(s) mind.

The Moon's Protector. A shield made out of pure moon magiks forms over the user and ally.


Ice. Ice-based attacks are deadly such as an attack by the "Icicle Blade".

Light. Any attack that's light type will be effective against her.

Poison. Lina can be poisoned by powers such as "Tox-O-Wisp".


  • Fire. Fire will phase through her body.
  • Galaxy. Space based powers such as "Stars Revenge" will not affect her.