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"If I stand idly while my people continue to suffer, what kind of Queen would I be? If no one will stand up and fight, our kingdom will fall!" -Lucy.

Biographical information
Full Name

Lucina Star Lunar



Current Residence

Moon Kingdom



Physical description






Fur colour


Hair colour


Eye colour

Blue sclera, pastel purple irises

Distinguishable Features

Light teal nose

Skin colour



Blue dress with blue and black stripes on the bodice and hem, blue boots with silver rims and blue gems on the center of the rims


Ejara(ex-husband), Tsaka(son), Yota(husband), Sri(step-son), Minnie(step-daughter), Kelvin(step-son), Maggie(step-granddaughter),


Abyss, Thade

Love interests

Ejara(ex-husband), Yota(husband)

Skillwise information

Pure Moon Lucina




Galaxia Blade, Solar Blast, Astro-reset


Pure Moon Lucina


Lawful good



Lucy is a humble, brave Queen who puts her people and her family first before her feelings, and will stop at nothing to protect them. She is serious most of the time, and doesn't really have time to relax when there is much to do.


Lucy's mother, Monica, was once part of a underground gang, and at the beginning was very loyal to them. when she went back to the Negalia, she fell in love with a dark named Jesse. they mated in Jesse's house, but little did she know that they were watching her, and this made them furious. they tortured her and slowly froze her to death. Lucy was 16 at the time Monica was killed. Jesse was threatened by the gang that they were going to target Lucy next, and he ran home and told Lucy to leave and never come back. many years later Lucy went back to the castle, si the shadows were long gone after being killed by King Denzell.

as soon as she arrived, she became the queen of the Negalia galaxy. 2 months later, she fell in love with a man named Ejara after 2 years of knowing him. they got married in Abyss' castle; she was called back to her kingdom since there was no-one in charge in the castle. Ejara couldn't come with her, he had to stay with Abyss because he was just a soldier and was still part of the war against the Shadows. the battle lasted 7 full years, and once it had ended, Ejara was excused to leave to go visit Lucy.

Lucy was overwhelmed with happiness to see Ejara and they had their honeymoon in her castle; Lucy wished that Ejara could stay with her instead of back at Abyss' castle, but it was not to be. meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, there was an evil king named Harion, who was also in love with Lucy. he snuck into Abyss' castle and beheaded Ejara in his slumber and lied to Lucy saying he was killed by a Shadow soldier. hearing the news of her only love being killed, Lucy's heart shattered; she was 3 weeks pregnant with her and Ejara's baby.

she ran to Abyss' castle to be alone and raise her baby; she named her baby Tsaka. 13 years passed and Harian was furious that Lucy didn't come back. he kidnapped her and took her back to the Nega galaxy to live with him. he explained to Lucy that since she abandoned her kingdom and her people, she was not allowed back in her castle. But if she took his hand in marriage, she could come back. Lucy was deeply upset, but said yes, and got married to Harian. Tsaka however, was unaware that Lucy was with him, so he looked everywhere he possibly could for her. he looked in the Nega galaxy and found her with Harian, about to get married to him. he wasn't allowed in so he started knocking on the windows and yelling, trying to get her attention as he did not want his mother to get married such a horrible man. Lucy noticed him, and this made Harian furious.

he ordered the guards to take Tsaka into the backroom to torture him, and to disable him from leaving, they injected his wings with venom. Lucy heard him screaming, and couldn't bare it anymore. she ran to his rescue, killing every guard that got in her way. luckily she stopped them from getting the last drop of venom into his wings, destroying his way of flight forever; she took him out of the castle and escaped Harian and his men. she laid Tsaka down in a field and began to suck the venom out of his wings. although he protested against it, since it was very toxic and she could die, she didn't care. Lucy cared about him more then her own life, and continued until all of the venom was out. the venom caused her to get weak and made her ill, so she blacked out. later on she was found by a scout sent out by Harian, and was brought back to his castle. Harian saw her and thought that Tsaka did this to her and sent guards to find and kill him. Lucy begged him to spare Tsaka, and that he was the only family she had left. Harian left him alone and began to take care of Lucy, nursing her back to health. meanwhile, Tsaka left to live with King Thade(an old friend of Lucy's) for the time being, worrying about his mother. as time went by, Lucy got better and secretly left Harian, and was never heard from for a long time.

Positive Traits

  • She is determined to do what is right, and protect the ones who cannot fight for themselves.
  • She is strong and independent.

Negative Traits

  • She is too serious, and doesn't see the point in silliness.
  • She pushes herself too hard, and doesn't rest much even when she needs to.


  • MystiScope. An ability to see auras not normally seen.
  • Star Scope. Stars are summoned and circle around an area of someone in danger.


Nova Shot. A flurry of stars can be shot from the hand.

Galactic Blitz. A powerful burst of moon energy is shot, covering a large area.


  • Poison. Lucy is very weak to poison attacks.
  • Light. A hit by light based attacks or a light based weapon such as The Paragon's Sword can be fatal to her.


  • Lucy's story was based off of a dream of RougeEmpire64's. The character herself and her late husband, Ejara, appeared in the dream.
  • Lucy means "Light giver".