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Mecha Amputated, Sometimes referred to be named as "Metal Amputated" is Amputated's Foe & Needs to be taken down soon as possible. She Does not have a Regular Look to Amputated's Real Design as she was built from Eggman & Infinite. They Wanted to Make Mecha Amputated appear and Take Down Amputated soon as Possible as they were Jealous as how Amp was still Alive and Protecting Green Hill. So They Instead Created Mecha Amp and Powered her On To Sent her to Green Hill and Target Amp.

Original Look


Design of Mecha Amputated

Mecha Amputated is a Mechanical Robot Cyborg version of Amputated created by Eggman & Infinite to Take Down Amputated. Her Entire Fur is Basically White, & In Other Features her "Other" Fur Colors were Purple, Grey, Dark Blue, etc. Her entire Power, Mind, Memory, Energy, & Soul are Basically the same to Amputated as Eggman Functioned a "Memory Chip" Inside the Robot to make it's entire System the same to Amputated. Mecha Amp has the Same Power to Amp but Eggman Overwrited them to Mechanical Weapons as yes Mecha Amp is not an Alien but is a "Cyborg Alien."

Power of Mecha Amputated

Mecha Amputated is Very Strong, Tough, And has Very High Strength, Meaning that she Can Lift a Huge Planet over by 1 of her Hands. She can Also Turbo Boost herself to Charge as she will Transform her Shoes to Rockets.

Forms of Mecha Amputated

Her Forms were Unused before she Died but, She Did had Forms.




Kill Mode





Mecha Kaiju



How Can Mecha Amp still be Alive?

Mecha Amputated's Weakness is her "Core" As her Core is the Only Thing that keeps Mecha Amp Awake and still allowing her to Fight.

Mecha Amputated's First Appearence

Mecha Amputated first appeared in Amputated's 6th Timeline in Sonic Pulse before she Met up with Kira & Nemesis. In the 6th Timeline Mecha Amp was seen Built from Eggman in a Small Shelter where the Blood Hornets Live. As Eggman was done Experimenting and Building Mecha Amp he'd begin to take mecha amp with Him and drop her Off to Green Hill, Allowing eggman to Transfer himself back to the Shelter and Activate the Switch to turn on Mecha Amp and begin Controlling her to Stalk & Hunt Down Amputated.

How Did Mecha Amputated Die

Mecha Amp Disappears (Dies) in Amputated's 24th Timeline as she was seen Blown Up in the Death Egg, Trapped in the Chamber as the Death Egg was being Destroyed by Amputated allowing the Death Egg to Sink Deep Underwater allowing both Eggman's Enemies, Army, Robots, Mecha Amp, & Corrupted's Drown & Die.

How Mecha Amputated's Eyes are Like

Mecha Amp has Many different Eye colors which is the following:










& Dark Pink.

What Team is Mecha Amputated?

Mecha Amputated is Basically a Villain & A Anti-Hero.

How Will Mecha Amputated Track down Amputated?

She will Search and Target where Amputated is getting her Weapons ready as her program says: " [Weapons: Online.] [Scanning Sequence Detected - Target: Amputated, Must be Eliminated.] " Her Entire Vision is basically Scifi-like. In her "Eye" Vision it's Teal meaning that she can See Brightly and well to Attack Amputated.

Why did Mecha Amputated Help Amputated from being Attacked?

In Amputated's 20th Timeline, Mecha Amp appears to become Friendly as her Eyes were Green. Amputated called Mecha Amp to Help as she Drop Pod Herself next to Amputated to come Help Her defeat a Horde that was Almost Defeating Amputated.

Is Mecha Amp Apart of Amputated's Family?

No. Mecha Amp is not Apart of Amputated's Family as they did not made Mecha Amp in Space.

How Can Mecha Amputated do Anything?

Her Programs / Holograms are a Online System Communication Loader for Mecha Amp to do Missions & Create Anything she Wants. They Will appear around her Body Everytime surrounding her Transparent-like.


As Sonic & Metal Sonic Fight eachother, Amputated & Mecha Amputated have the Same Thing as they do Fight Eachother.