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Raiki is a Dark who works for King Thade. He is the head of the guards. He tells the guards what the king orders the guards to do and makes sure the guards do it. He is also in charge of guarding the King Thade when the King is in a meeting or in his bedroom. 


Raiki has purple fur. His chest is peach colored, and he has a tuff of purple chest fur. He has two fangs sticking out of his mouth. His pupils are purple. His arms are also peach colored.


Raiki is bossy and hates workers who don't do their job. He will yell at anyone who is sitting down and not working. He is jealous of Flicker, because he is the Prince, and Raiki wants to rule the Nega World. He can manipulate the other guards to do what he says. He will attack anyone in his way. He is also jealous of his brother, Daiki, because he found a mate before Raiki did. ​He will stand up for what he believes in, and fight for his goals. 


Raiki can shoot balls of darkness out of his hand. Like all darks, he can teleport and banish other people. 

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