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Biographical information


Physical description

Fennec fox





Fur colour


Hair colour

Jet black

Eye colour


Distinguishable Features

long curl on back of hair


Black T-shirt over a gray long sleeved shirt, black leather pants, gothic cross necklace, black spiked boots


Elisabetta(mother), Giorgio(father), Marcellino(younger brother), Crispino(younger brother), Dario(older brother), Bernardetta(sister)


Platinum, Blackheart, Storm, Blare

Skillwise information




Ricardo is cheerful, optimistic and outgoing. He is always up for a challenge and is quite knowledgeable about robotics. He likes to share his findings with others and is always there to listen when someone needs a friend. Ricardo is extremely determined and will not give up even when tackling the toughest tasks; Additionally, he has a heart for everyone and tries to be fair and reasonable.


Ricardo grew up in a big, loving family in Italy, and they taught him the art of singing and songwriting; Ricardo was very interested in robotics, and his grandfather was a specialist in the field, so he spent time with him while he worked on a robot. His grandfather taught him how to build a robot, so he was keen to learn and watched his grandfather build one, then as a teenager started building his own. In the robot's case, there were difficulties, which Ricardo simply wasn't skilled to fix, so he took a break from it and started focusing on his songwriting and guitar skills instead. He also helped his father to take care of the restaurant, sweeping the floors and washing the dishes. As he got better at singing, he used to perform for his mother and grandparents before he sang for his customers, which they enjoyed very much. One customer, Mist, took notice of Ricardo. He was looking for band members, and seen Ricardo as a perfect fit for his guitar player. He asked him if he wanted to join the band. Despite his initial nervousness, Ricardo quickly accepted the position, eager to jump onboard. As a band member, Ricardo stood out because he was bubbly against a group of tough guys. Ricardo's cheery personality led to people laughing at Mist's band, calling it a "sissy band"; Mist would then argue and yell at him, saying how gleeful he was destroying the image of the band. There was nothing he could do, because Ricardo was always happy and didn't like to be hardheaded. Originally, Mist wanted to just toss Ricardo away; However, he would lose a good guitar player, so he decided to keep him. Over time, Ricardo began to think about his abandoned robot again. As he wanted to continue working on it he took time away from the band to do so. Mist was disappointed, but he allowed it this time because he and Ricardo were good friends by this point. Thus he returned to the garage, where the robot was in pieces, waiting for him. His work started immediately, and after a few weeks, his robot had been completed and was ready for testing. He was nervous as he watched the robot, but relieved that it functioned properly. The robot was then programmed to play the drums, through trail and error, it became a talented drummer. Ricardo asked Mist to let the robot become a member of the band, since the original drummer had to leave after falling ill. Mist was reluctant to let some hunk of junk play in his metal band, but after seeing a demo of the robot in action, he agreed, but it needed a paint job. The band became pretty successful as time went on, and Ricardo was the most popular of the members for his approachability.


  • Robotics. Ricardo is pretty handy with repairing and building robots.
  • Guitar playing. Ricardo is very talented in playing an electric guitar.
  • Singing. He is a pretty good singer and can hit high notes easily.


  • Shadow Blister. Dark orbs covered in flames are shot from his palms.
  • Volcanic Chaos. Lava bursts from his body in all directions, setting everything within the 2x2 area on fire.
  • Rope of thorns. A long vine-like rope covered in thorns appears, in which the user wields it as a giant whip.

Positive Traits

  • Ricardo always looks for the upside to any circumstance.
  • He is very patient and easy to talk to.
  • Ricardo prefers to make peace with others rather than fight.

Negative Traits

  • Ricardo is too nice, even to his enemies(because of this, he has gotten himself and his friends in danger).
  • His bubbly personality and high-pitched voice can be irritating to certain people.
  • Ricardo talks a bit too fast, making it difficult to understand him.


  • "Awww, you know what? I bet there's a hidden brighter side in Mist, I can see it."
  • "Hehehe! I feel so giddy, I might just go write a song about it!"
  • "Turn that frown upside down. Mr. Grumps!" (Mr. Grumps is Mist.)
  • "Lo adoro, lo adoro! Let's hear it again!" (From hearing the band play a new song.)
  • "Oh heh, watch out for uomo spaventoso over there. He's got a maaaaaad temper." (To Platinum about Mist.)