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Thistla is the mate of Abyss the Dark.


Thistla is a kind dark who doesn't like to fight.

sometimes behind Abyss' back she will secretly help the Shadows when they are hurt or injured.

Thistla has a heart for everyone except the humans, because they killed her parents.


Thistla has a young sister named Penelope,

her husband is Abyss and they have a son named Latius.


Thistla can use the 3 tentacles on her head to grab and crush her enemies, and also use her cursed hand to fight as well.

Love life

Thistla was always the oddball in her school, and noone talked to her, except Abyss.

he became friends with her, and many years later, they began to fall in love with eachother.

they got married and had adopted a son named Latius, since Thistla couldn't have eggs.


  • Thistla has blood from an unknown race in her along with being a dark.
  • Thistla's mom was a dark.