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Note: This character is important to the Mischievous Mire storyline.
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Zorok is a half human with light blue skin, the pattern under his tail and his ears are dark blue, and his eyes are amber; the gem on the top of his tail is light green.

He wears a black sweater, a black jester cap with red diamonds and a white trim and puffball, he has a necklace with a white gem with a black swirl pattern, black pants, he has long black nails and wears red pointy shoes with red socks.


Zorok is quiet and nervous, he tends to stutter when he's nervous and has a habit of fidgeting with his cap or tail. He cares way too much of other people's opinions on him, and gets embarrassed easily.


Zorok was the child of a human woman and a male Mischaker, who were shunned by their interspecies relationship. They fled their homeland to raise their baby in a safer environment. Zorok's parents loved him unconditionally and hated having to hide him from the world. One fateful night, someone had found their home and attacked them. They put Zorok in a basket and fled but while escaping they accidently dropped the basket and lost him, never seeing him again. Zorok was raised by the forest beasts who found him crying in his basket. When he was old enough to be on his own, he took refuge in a beautiful castle known as "Quartz castle". The villagers who lived near the castle demonized him because of his resemblance of Hesper, and would chase him out of the markets.


Shape-shifting. Like most mischakers, Zorok can shape-shift into several objects.


Zorok is weak to shadow powers because of him being half human.